GAIA Consultants

Need help using GAIA, interpreting satellite imagery and deploying solutions?  Our accredited GAIA consultants can help.


Expertise in remote sensing, multispectral/hyperspectral imagery, data management, data analysis, and consulting services for agriculture and environmental management.
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location : SA (Adelaide)


From sensors to spreadsheets to satellites, simple and complete technology solutions helping irrigators make every drop of water count.
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location : Vic (Yarra Valley)

Foundation Viticulture

Building profitability from the ground-up. Expertise in variety, clone and rootstock selection.
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location : SA (Barossa)

Hansen Consulting Group

Viticulture solutions focussed on soil and water management in a changing climate. Business management solutions focused on driving increased returns, decreased costs, and improved culture.
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location : Vic (Mornington Peninsula)

Pridham Viticulture

Innovation and cooperation in vineyard, olive-grove and land management, with over 15 years experience in working with spatial imagery.
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location : SA (McLaren Vale)

Rogers Viticulture

30 years of experience in Barossa viticulture, vine improvement and growing high-quality Shiraz.
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location : SA (Barossa)


Please email with your need and region to arrange for a complimentary discussion with a GAIA consultant.